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Internships at the European Union

Internship at the European Union

Danuta Jazłowiecka presents students and graduates with the opportunity to join her Brussels team as an intern. The intern--lucky stagiaire--is chosen by means of a competition. Although these contests are usually intended for young people from Danuta's region, international applicants providing her with an inspiring conception of their time as an intern at her office may also be considered. If you're interested in taking part, please don't hesitate to send your CV and a brief cover letter to .

While Danuta Jazłowiecka offers excellent internship opportunities, it is also possible to gain parliamentary experience within various institutions of the European Union.

The European Parliament offers internships to students and graduates. These usually last a few months. Details can be found on the following website.

The ECON Committee takes on EU graduates to undertake internships lasting approximately five months. More information is available on the Committee’s website.

The Council of the European Union offers paid internships lasting five months, as well as unpaid internships for students to whom an internship is required as part of their university degree. Applications are accepted twice per year and can be accessed on the council’s website.

The European Commission accepts graduates to intern for five months in two yearly sessions. The Commission website contains more information.

The European Central Bank invites graduates to apply for paid internships at their headquarters in Frankfurt. Internships last between three to six months, but may be extended for up to twelve months. For more information see the Bank’s website.

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